January 16, 2018


The real costs of NHS contracting out -

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Magic Money Tree -

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Housing Wonderland by Ian Lewis -

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Will STPs finally wreck the NHS? -

Sunday, June 18, 2017

STPs – A new way to wreck the NHS -

Friday, February 17, 2017

Austerity Blues

Austerity Blues Whatever the weather, Like birds of a feather, We’re all in it together, Austerity blues. The Tories claim, That their aim, Is to aid, The low paid, Hard working brigade, But the facts, Are zero hours contracts, Are just a variation, Of casualisation, Available for all, Wait for a call, At home, Alone, Austerity blues. No job, No home, Bust, Without a crust, Your life, Crumbling to dust, Cupboard bare, Government don’t care, Give thanks, For food banks, Long queues, Time to muse, Austerity blues. If you’re disabled, And the quack, Says back, To work, Don’t go berserk, Appeal,…

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Live At Tottenham Chance

THE PENCIL TEST Sportsman and entertainers, Opened their hands, Closed their eyes, And took Krugerrands.   Under apartheid, There was black, And white and, 14 types of coloured, And, to be seen, To be correct, The authorities Could the 14 reject, And a fifteenth, Select.   Like Mendel, And his peas, Recessive genes, Caused the sight Of the sleight, Change of colour, In children, No longer white.   Sometimes, The authorities, Couldn’t be sure, If a child was pure, So inspectors went, Into the schools, Followed the rules, And with great care, Placed a pencil in the hair, And a…

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Requiem For The NHS

The Tories, And the quacks, Hated Nye Bevan, But he created, The NHS, For everyone, Rich or poor, And Free, At the point, Of delivery   Now the NHS, Beloved by the nation, Has reached its, Final destination, Pensioned off, At 65, Privatised, Under the guise, Of contracting out, Cut to pieces, All the parts, The entrails too, Disembowelled, And devoured, By the insatiable greed, Needed to feed, The financial contagion, Of Banks, Investment banks, Merchant banks Shadow banks, Hedge funds, Vulture funds, And the whole stinking edifice, That is PFI. The Private Finance Initiative.    Soon this will be,…

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Pin Striped Pimps

  Seedy, greedy, Wheeler dealers, Suited, booted, Bowler hatted, Pin striped pimps, Public school ponces, Shaft the needy,   Eton, Harrow, Westminster, St Pauls, Posh schools, Charities, That pay no tax,   Oxford, Cambridge, Champagne Charlies, Bullingdon Club, Posh hooligans, A hedonistic orgy, Getting drunk, Taking drugs, Lots of bonking Boris’s, Wrecking restaurants, Never arrested, Never charged, Become an intern, A lobbyist, A Journalist, Do PR and, Finally, an MP,  Without ever, Having had a real job   Then join the ideological assault, On the fabric of society, By fanatical, dogmatic, Neo-liberal fundamentalists The unemployed, The disabled, The immigrants, The…

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