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The real costs of NHS contracting out -

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Magic Money Tree -

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The Housing Wonderland by Ian Lewis -

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Will STPs finally wreck the NHS? -

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STPs – A new way to wreck the NHS -

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Housing Wonderland by Ian Lewis

Housing in Britain is broken. Everyone agrees, yet the discussion goes round and round the same narrow circle of choices. Nobody seems to realise that there’s no cosmic inevitability about things as they are. London gets another set of empty towers or a garden bridge (or not), not because of some abstract destiny, but because people – actual human beings – decide it shall be so. ANOTHER WAY And so, for a different approach to housing, I offer you the city of Vienna. Vienna has a population of roughly 1.8 million – of whom approximately 60% live in social or…

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Arms Dealers on Trial by Mel Strickland.

  Arms Dealers on Trial – sometimes the tools of oppression are literal, and they are for sale at the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair In September 2013 a group of activists took part in demonstrations against the DSEI arms fair which comes to East London every 2 years. They put their bodies in the way of military traffic and disrupted the set up of the arms fair. One group, charged with obstruction of the highway, mounted a high profile campaign against the arms fair and the business of war, and when the charges against them were…

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Mark Carney – A Canadian View

It is always great to receive comments and, even better, when those comments add to your own knowledge of who is actively screwing the 99%. Leaving the comments at the bottom of the article http://radicalsoapbox.com/who-sets-uk-interest-rates/ didn’t seem right so Nadine’s comments are below, unedited. Submitted on 2014/05/28 at 4:59 pm Matt Taibbi, the Rolling Stone finance writer who rose to fame with his description of Goldman Sachs as a “vampire squid,” set his sights on Canada’s Mark Carney in a blog post Thursday. (Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty promoted Carney over others and he rose to the top very quickly…

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Co-op Bank: Mutual or Bust?

Since the appalling news of a Co-op Bank takeover by US hedge “vulture” funds (Aurelius Capital and Silver Point Capital) a growing body of Co-op members and bank customers are rallying to restore co-operative control and underpin the bank’s commitment to ethical investment.  Background The future of the Co-op Bank has been in doubt since announcing losses arising from the acquisition of the Britannia Building Society. Once the government made clear it would not bail out the Co-op Bank its credit rating shattered and the vulture funds bought up Co-op debt – interest-paying bonds at a lot less than the…

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Private Eye – The Balcombe Planning Permission

After two weeks of protests in the village of Balcombe, West Sussex, villagers keep asking themselves; who allowed Cuadrilla to drill on our doorstep? Planning permission for the US firm’s test on the Balcombe estate – owned by Simon Greenwood, a great grandson of the first Lord Cowdray – was granted by West Sussex county council (WSCC) in 2010 and expires at the end of September. If Caudrilla had waited any longer to start work it would have had to reapply, and this time round it could have expected strong opposition to a revised planning application. So why was the…

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It was meant to get better….wasn’t it? by Brenda Rogers

I was just a toddler when war was declared in 1939, so as a child I thought being at war with Germany was the norm! I went to live with my Gran and Grandad, and all my Aunts and Uncles still living there. My mother worked in an armaments factory, and my father worked down the pit and as a reserve fireman, as he had failed the army medical when he and his younger brother had gone to join up.   Young as I was, I remember lots of things about the war. Hearing the warning sirens and hiding with the…

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Libor Rigging-Guest Blog by Steve Rushton of Occupy

LIBOR rate rigging during the bank bailouts cost Britain millions if not billions of pounds. Panic started on 13th September for Northern Rock customers as the BBC announced that the Rock had a liquidity problem. The day later, the Bank of England announced its measures; it would become the “lender of last resort.” Its motive was that retail and ordinary people had £24 billion worth of deposits in the bank, according to the BBC. This decision to lend the Rock money through special liquidity support fund was decided on by the Bank of England, the HM Treasury and the Financial…

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On The Subject of Growth

From Tom Lines part of the Occupy Economic Working Group. Growth has multifarious aspects, some of which are substantially un-resource related. But resources almost always come into it somewhere. Let’s have a look at it. Growth generally refers to increases in gross domestic product (GDP), the great talisman of economic policy, and it all derives from what goes into that statistic. You will have heard of businesses trying to achieve more ‘value-added’: every time they do so they increase GDP a little bit because the market value of production is what GDP measures. It can come from many sources because, in…

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